Damcherra Bazaar (2014)

I had not been to Kanhmun/Damcherra Bazaar in  more than ten years. The last time was 1999. I had been wanting to go there. Since we were at Kawrthah for a brief visit,  it was a perfect opportunity to drive down to Kanhmun. The twin town is a popular shopping place in Mizoram west. It lies at the border of three states- Mizoram, Tripura and Assam. Kanhmun in Mizoram and Damcherra in Tripura, the two separated by  Langkaih river. People come here on Tuesdays from various nearby villages. I don’t know about Assam and Tripura. From Mizoram, shoppers used to come from as far as Mamit.

The Bazaar Ni (Market Day) which is Tuesday is observed seriously like a special day. Pu Muana, a pastor who was posted there said you can’t really plan anything on Tuesday.

We went there on a Monday since we wanted to head back to Aizawl the next day. We started from Kawrthah around 7 in the morning. After Zamuang, we stopped at Bairabi peng (junction) for tea.


After tea and some paratha, we proceeded towards Zawlnuam. At Borai, we  stopped briefly  at Pi Lawmpuii’s mother’s house. They were having zing chaw, morning meal and invited us to join. We instead opted for a cup of tea. My mind was also fixed on a lunch of fish curry meal at Kanhmun.


We reached Kanhmun a little after 10. As it was not a Bazaar Day, there were very few people and  small number of shops open. After locating a spot to park, we crossed the bridge into Damcherra.


What would be full of traders and shoppers on a Bazaar Day, was a quiet and empty lane.

At Kanhmun side, there used to be a hotel run by a Mizo man that served really good fish curry meal. I couldn’t locate it. I later heard he passed away long ago. We settled for one of the few open hotels in Damchherra. The man there was really hospitable but the food was nothing to speak of.

Our family back home in Durtlang asked us to buy some special nghathu, fermented dry fish. I believed we paid for around Rs 300 for a kilo of the special nghathu.


Tata Sumo is the most popular form of public transportation in Mizoram, serving  as the main means of transit between towns and villages. Here in Tripura, at least Damcherra, these jeeps take the place of Sumos.

After lunch ( which wasn’t great by the way), the temptation of pan came and we went for it.


The bridge from Damcherra side


From Kanhmun side


As we were driving around  Damcherra, we saw  Reang people, original native of Tripura with their traditional basket which is carried with a strap mounted on one’s head.


As there was nothing more to do, by 11:30 we were on our way back.  At the outskirt of Kanhmun, a State owned Tourist Lodge had come up. It seemed underutilized  like most other State owned Tourist Lodges.


That was Kanhmun/Damcherra Bazaar on a non Bazaar Day after a span of more than  a decade. If you happen to travel to Mizoram West, I fully recommend visiting Kanhmun on a Tuesday. The Bazaar Day has a vibe you should  experience.

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