How a rally car is made

I like rally race over circuit race. Circuit race- Boring! I follow neither. But if I were to pick, it’s rallying any day. I found an interesting video on how a rally car is built.

From the video-

* From the outside, rally cars look like normal cars except for the graphics. They are very different inside. How come the driver and navigator walks out with no scratch after the car rolls over a few times?

* All non-essential items are removed to lose weight. Light car is fast.

* This includes the paint. The paint from the factory is blasted off and stickers are glued. This sheds 5kg! for the car in the video.

* I thought drilling holes in the handle of toothbrush to shed weight for hiking was a nice joke. Rally cars carry tools with holes drilled in the handle!

* Steel pipes are welded in the inside to form a structure to protect the driver from roll and crash. This is called roll cage.

* For better control and traction, rear transmission is added to convert the car to 4 wheel drive.

* The driver’s seat which looks like a baby seat for adult is made of carbon fiber which is very strong but very light.

* Powerful brakes are fitted.

* Fiberglass bumper

* The engine is modified to boost power, 90hp to 300 for the car in the video.

* Windows are refitted to be easily kick out-able in case of accident.

* Metal fuel tank is replaced with bigger rubber fuel tank.

* Fiberglass dashboard covered with velvety fabric to block the reflection of light. If you drive, you will know the reflection of the dashboard in the windscreen can reflect your view.

* What can we relate to in the IT world? Containers. In a container, you lose all the non-essential stuff and pack it with only those the application requires. Alpine Linux Docker image is only 5 MB.

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