How Old Monk and Jute bag helped the NSG during 26/11

After reading Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service by Michael Bar-Zohar, I found Black Tornado: Mumbai 26/11 in the related section. It is written by Sandeep Unnithan, Deputy Editor, India Today. It was meant to be an article and evolved into a book. Because of the good reviews, I took no time in buying a Kindle copy. It covers the military response to the terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2008, popularly known as 26/11.

I find book very engaging and thoroughly enjoyed it. Black Tornado is the name of the NSG’s operation on the attacks.  A few tidbits-

  •  Browsing through the tenant mailing list yesterday, I learned the society in which I stay  Sandeep Vihar, AWHO is named  after Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan  who was killed in action during Operation Black Tornado.

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Every Second Counts

by Lance Armstrong

My two cents: As good as It’s not about the bike.

I learned Lance wrote a second book while reading the first which happen to be just as good. Today I am giving away “Every Second Counts” to anyone willing to come and pickup the book. I’ve got just a copy so the early bird gets the worm.
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It’s not about the bike

By Lance Armstrong

I thought this book was about cycling. Two friends who hardly cycle and hardly read spoke highly of it. That convinced me to buy it. I highly recommend you read it too. The book is about Lance’s struggle against cancer – inspiring and interesting. It will also tell you a bit about professional cycling and Tour de France. There’s a good chance you will also like it.

I don’t keep books I’ve read. So I am giving this too away for free if you are willing to pick up the book at my house in HSR (near NIFT) or at work in GRTP (near ITPL), Bangalore of course. Reply by comment.

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