It’s all about Nitrogen

It keeps the tyres cool on highways. It escapes the tyres slower than air because its molecules are bigger. So I have been filling the tyres with Nitrogen. I shifted my loyalty to a Bharat Petroleum filling station from my trusted HP fill stations because of Nitrogen filling. Even though it’s no longer convenient to tank up at this station after a change of job last year, I continued to visit this one for the free Nitrogen.

Recently, I found an HP with free Nitrogen in the other direction with less traffic and I thought I could shift there. So if you own a fuel station, provide free Nitrogen filling because customers like it and they will come to you for it.


I started thinking if I really need Nitrogen. Have I seen the benefit of Nitrogen after all these years? Not really, except for a peace of mind and the satisfaction that I seem to know and care about automobiles. After watching these two videos on YouTube, I have a change of heart. I don’t think I will really need Nitrogen anymore.

The air around us is already 78% Nitrogen. Race car tyres are filled with pure Nitrogen to avoid an unpredictable increase in tyre pressure. With Nitrogen or Air, there will be pressure increase with the rise in temperature. With air, there’s a chance of moisture presence which can lead to an unpredictable rise in pressure. Hence, race car tyres are filled with pure Nitrogen. How about the Nitrogen from the fuel station or tyre shops, is it pure? Probably not.

Bottom line: Unless it’s a race car, don’t botter.

How a rally car is made

I like rally race over circuit race. Circuit race- Boring! I follow neither. But if I were to pick, it’s rallying any day. I found an interesting video on how a rally car is built.

From the video-

* From the outside, rally cars look like normal cars except for the graphics. They are very different inside. How come the driver and navigator walks out with no scratch after the car rolls over a few times?

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Fun(d) transfer with #IMPS #24×7 #ICICIBANK

I have never used IMPS – Immediate Payment Service because I thought the only way to do it was by mobile phone number and MMID. Today I saw it can be done with just the recipient’s  Account Number & IFSC as well. I did a test transfer from my ICICI Bank a/c to another  bank a/c of mine from the mobile app without adding the payee before hand. I do not find similar option on Net Banking though.

Why would you want to use IMPS instead of NEFT? Because funds can be transferred 24×7 whereas NEFT is restricted to NEFT hours only. Besides for a one time transfer, going through the payee registration for NEFT is a time consuming process. I even found out I can use IMPS for the already registered payees. How cool!

You can do IMPS transfer via iMobile App, Net Banking or by dialing *525# from your registered mobile number. Read all about IMPS with ICICI Bank here.

Another useful service from ICICI Bank is  SMS recharge for Prepaid Mobile, DTH and Broadband. I have been using the mobile recharge for months.

Send SMS to 9222208888

MTOPUP <10-Digit Mobile No.> <Telecom Operator> <Recharge Amount> <Last 6 Digits of Your ICICI Bank Savings Account No.>

LUNGLEN #Mizo magazine paper quality

Lunglen June 2013

pawh a tha ta khawp mai. Tun hma kha chuan a cover chiah kha a tha thin a. A man cheng 80 a nia, a tlawm lem lo. Mizoram ah chuan leitu hi kan tam tak tak thei si lova, hlawk tur chuan a awm ve tho mai ka ti. Sap thlalak erawh chu a rem rem a mi an download mai anih hmel. Stock photogragh free or paid ami an lak ka ring lem lo. Kan ram angah chuan a pawi lem lo e 🙂