Fun(d) transfer with #IMPS #24×7 #ICICIBANK

I have never used IMPS – Immediate Payment Service because I thought the only way to do it was by mobile phone number and MMID. Today I saw it can be done with just the recipient’s  Account Number & IFSC as well. I did a test transfer from my ICICI Bank a/c to another  bank a/c of mine from the mobile app without adding the payee before hand. I do not find similar option on Net Banking though.

Why would you want to use IMPS instead of NEFT? Because funds can be transferred 24×7 whereas NEFT is restricted to NEFT hours only. Besides for a one time transfer, going through the payee registration for NEFT is a time consuming process. I even found out I can use IMPS for the already registered payees. How cool!

You can do IMPS transfer via iMobile App, Net Banking or by dialing *525# from your registered mobile number. Read all about IMPS with ICICI Bank here.

Another useful service from ICICI Bank is  SMS recharge for Prepaid Mobile, DTH and Broadband. I have been using the mobile recharge for months.

Send SMS to 9222208888

MTOPUP <10-Digit Mobile No.> <Telecom Operator> <Recharge Amount> <Last 6 Digits of Your ICICI Bank Savings Account No.>

LUNGLEN #Mizo magazine paper quality

Lunglen June 2013

pawh a tha ta khawp mai. Tun hma kha chuan a cover chiah kha a tha thin a. A man cheng 80 a nia, a tlawm lem lo. Mizoram ah chuan leitu hi kan tam tak tak thei si lova, hlawk tur chuan a awm ve tho mai ka ti. Sap thlalak erawh chu a rem rem a mi an download mai anih hmel. Stock photogragh free or paid ami an lak ka ring lem lo. Kan ram angah chuan a pawi lem lo e 🙂