Reiek on a rainy day, Mizoram


Reiek Tlang at just 30 km away, is a popular day trek in Aizawl. For this very reason, I had always avoided it. I have seen pictures of the cliff and the narrow path on the edge leading to the peak. What I didn’t know was that the short 3 km trek to the peak through the thick and well preserved forest is so amazing. If it were near Bangalore, it will attract loads of trekkers!

Way back into trek. Uttari Betta located.


Where is it?  Except for a few photographs, you can’t find the location in Google. If you search “uttari betta” in Google Maps, it takes you to BMC office. I am not a search expert but I  am not impressed.

I learned from Neeraj, BMC founder, that it is near Magadi. I  opened Google Maps and switched to terrain mode. I could immediately see a few  elevated  areas near Magadi. There’s one called Huthridurga  that has nearby area rising upto 1100m. There’s a temple on the top called Shankreshwara Temple. Huthirdurga . This is what BMC calls Uttari Betta.

It is known by different names. Hutridurga, Hutri Betta and Huthridurga . As a non-local, I can’t tell whats right (most).

I trekked here today with BMC. It took 1.5 hours to climb and an hour to come down. It took us 2 hours drive from Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station to reach the village at the base.


BMC Fees – 950
Uber fare to Garuda Mall – 317
Red Bull and water bottle – 120
Metro from MG road to Baiyapanahalli -17
Ola fare back home – 260
Total = 1665 Rupees