A re-write of my photowalk in Aizawl from 2007

Armed with my Aunt’s little Lumix camera, I walked the streets of Aizawl for a photograph things I found interesting. It was uncomfortable to aim at random things with a camera because this was before everyone has a smartphone and before every monkey carries a DSRL. Some people even asked where the photo would be published. Perhaps they thought I was from the newspaper.

The business of water

We live in a place where the Government water supply to homes is still on going. So we rely on rain water. We harvest rain water big time. However, we might not have enough to last till the next rain which is months away. Hence we buy water from private supplier when the price is still cheap. 1200 rupees (22 USD) for a truck load which is 4000 litres. We have bought two truck loads.

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