Bangalore by bus

Most people don’t explore their own town. I am not most people. I chose to continue that by exploring Bangalore on a bus. With a day pass  that cost a mere 70 rupees, I rode BMTC buses one  whole day. The benefit and ease with day pass is not having to worry about change (conductor hardly returns change at once)  and not having to know the stop (to tell the conductor for fare). Just get on and get off wherever you want.

The routes I traveled by  bus

  1. Kannamangala to  Kadugodi. Rs. 14 for bus fare, after this I used day pass. (Blue Bus)
  2. Kadugoi to MG Road (SBS-1K)
  3. Brigade road to Wipro Gate, Electronic City (G3)
  4. Wipro Gate to Silk Board (356 CW, Silk Board via Flyover)
  5. Silb Board to Banashankari (200 series Volvo)
  6. Banashankari to Hebbala via Silk Board, Marathalli  Ring Road (500 Series Volvo)
  7.  Hebbala to Majestic (Blue Bus)
  8. Majestic to Brigade Road (335 E Volvo)
  9. Bayapanahalli Metro Station to KR Puram (304, White and Blue)
  10. KR Puram to Hope Farm (304, White and Blue)
  11. Hope Farm to Kannamangala (Blue Bus)

What did I learn?

Multiplexes  have not put Rex out of business. There’s a sky walk near Forum Mall, Koramangala and at other places on Ring Road. I was totally unaware there’s a railway track under Hebbal fly over. There’s too many Volvos plying 335 E route, Majestic to ITPL. Freedom park is not just a part, it was Bangalore Central Jail. There is not just one but several marriage halls in Palace Ground.Totally enjoyed Shivaji Nagar in the evening.

I tried to get a day pass at Kadugodi Bus Station but the staff in the office told me I could get it from the conductor. Since the only IDs with me were photocopy, I went back to the office to get a BMTC ID.  I had no desire to run into trouble with a picky conductor.


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Way back into trek. Uttari Betta located.


Where is it?  Except for a few photographs, you can’t find the location in Google. If you search “uttari betta” in Google Maps, it takes you to BMC office. I am not a search expert but I  am not impressed.

I learned from Neeraj, BMC founder, that it is near Magadi. I  opened Google Maps and switched to terrain mode. I could immediately see a few  elevated  areas near Magadi. There’s one called Huthridurga  that has nearby area rising upto 1100m. There’s a temple on the top called Shankreshwara Temple. Huthirdurga . This is what BMC calls Uttari Betta.

It is known by different names. Hutridurga, Hutri Betta and Huthridurga . As a non-local, I can’t tell whats right (most).

I trekked here today with BMC. It took 1.5 hours to climb and an hour to come down. It took us 2 hours drive from Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station to reach the village at the base.


BMC Fees – 950
Uber fare to Garuda Mall – 317
Red Bull and water bottle – 120
Metro from MG road to Baiyapanahalli -17
Ola fare back home – 260
Total = 1665 Rupees