A church in the hills

Canon PowerShot G11, 1/500s, f/4.5, Presbyterian Church, Khatla, Aizawl, 2010

What’s my mission? To photograph Mizoram and show it to the world. Well, not really 🙂

I like this photo because the church stands out among the crowd of houses and the green hills make a great background. f/4.5 is clearly a bad choice (shallow DOF) I know but the photo does look much better in full size. I can’t remember if I shot it in manual or auto. I did remember it was right after rain.

The ruins of Holy Rosary Church

Holy Rosary Church at Shetihalli, near Hassan in Karnataka

This is me trying my hands on a bit post processing – saturation, contract, perspective with a free tool RawTherapee. I will one day come back to see how much I suck.

My friend Poonam has the best set of photos of this submerged church I can find online. Yea she is creative and has a wide/ultra wide angle lens too 🙂

The church is submerged in monsoon due to the rising level of backwater created by the dam. Here are other drowned churches from around the world.