Forest fire near home

forest fire, durtlang north, mizoram

If there is one thing that puts us Mizoram in the league of countries like US and Australia, it is forest fire. Forest fire is rampant in Mizoram during this time of the year.

Forest fire broke out at the uphill outskirt of our locality on Sunday night. When I arrived at the scene there were already a handful of volunteers. The task was to contain the fire and keep it from coming inwards into us.

There was no immediate danger to human settlement but it looks like some crops might be ravaged as the fire receded down the cliff and into the valley of farms.

I knew this was a great photo opportunity. I was very tempted to take my tripod but that’s far from the right way to fight fire. I managed some shots of the blazing fire. I also took some shots of the aftermath yesterday. The fire was still on going but far away.
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The business of water

We live in a place where the Government water supply to homes is still on going. So we rely on rain water. We harvest rain water big time. However, we might not have enough to last till the next rain which is months away. Hence we buy water from private supplier when the price is still cheap. 1200 rupees (22 USD) for a truck load which is 4000 litres. We have bought two truck loads.

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Why I am not complaining the cold

Because I sleep in a sleeping bag.

quechua sleeping bag

Thermal properties : Comfort temp 5 ° C, 0 ° C limit

It’s winter in Mizoram, a small state in the North East corner of India. It doesn’t snow though there are always reports of frost in some places but it’s pretty cold with temperatures at the lower single digit numbers. And lots of wind chill.
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Durtlang is a really cool place right now

Our house, Durtlang North (Vengthar), Mizoram

I live in Durtlang North (formerly Vengthar), Mizoram. At a little higher elevation as compared to the capital Aizawl, it is a very very cool place to be right now with temperatures at the lower single digit numbers with abundant amount of wind chill.

I was of the impression our house(above) was the only beautiful house around. But I found there are others too. Look at this.

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