Guide to Phawngpui, the top of Mizoram

phawngpui, blue mountain

The south face of Phawngpui as seen from Bualpui (NG) village. Click on the image for larger size.

For an independent traveler or trekker who wants to visit Phawngpui, the highest peak in Mizoram, there’s very little information available online. The very few available written by visitors from other states and foreign tourists left many questions unanswered or are outdated. How to get to the base camp? What about permission, guide?

I therefore decided to go Phawngpui myself and find out.
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Durtlang is a really cool place right now

Our house, Durtlang North (Vengthar), Mizoram

I live in Durtlang North (formerly Vengthar), Mizoram. At a little higher elevation as compared to the capital Aizawl, it is a very very cool place to be right now with temperatures at the lower single digit numbers with abundant amount of wind chill.

I was of the impression our house(above) was the only beautiful house around. But I found there are others too. Look at this.

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