Traveling rural Mizoram

Tuidang, Lawngtlai District

Tuidang, Lawngtlai District

When I arrived with my huge backpack at Sangau, the basecamp for Mizoram’s highest peak Phawngpui, the kids shouted “Scientist!” They have seen the regular local travelers, government officials, researchers , nature photographers mostly from outside the state and a few foreigners bold enough to stray into very remote Mizoram. They have not seen my kind, the independent traveler touring his home state solo. Benjamin, formerly sitting in the cubicle at HP who is on his way to everywhere in Mizoram is way above their imagination. Who can blame them?
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Castle of Beino, a geological marvel in Mizoram

Saphaw, the castle of beino, chhimtuipui, kaladan, kolodyne

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When you can’t explain, you blame the forces of nature.

Welcome to Saphaw, the Castle of Beino. Beino, Bieno Boinu, Tuipui, Kolodyne, Kaladan, Chhimtuipui- Lasi Lalnu, The River Queen of Spirits. And Saphaw is her Castle.

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Ferry crossing at Darzo Kai, Tuipui D

The ferry crossing over the Chhimtuipui river at Darzo Kai aka Tuipui D is magnificent because… it is magnificent. I have no words. Look at the pictures. The photographs don’t lie.

It is one of the few ferry crossings left in Mizoram. Phawngpui visitors, this is on your way if you are traveling to Sangau from Aizawl.

The ferry is operated by Border Roads Organisation. It functions between 9am to 4am, Monday to Saturday. It is closed for about three months in monsoon during which the only other crossing is at Kawlchaw where a bridge was opened in 2000.

The ferry can take four Tata Sumos at a time. The engine of the ferry is rather strange looking. I just see one lever.

darzo kai, tuipui d

darzo kai, tuipui d
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Dirt road, Serkawr and Kawlchaw

After a night halt at Tuipang Lalveng the plan was to ride back to Vaiveng, explore and head back to Saiha. However, there was another way. A 20 km dirt road to Kawlchaw via Serkawr. It sounded really cool. A dirt road ride and another way home. I’ve always dreamed of riding a motorbike through muddy road. We asked the condition of the road and all advised against it. It’s funny we asked because in my head I knew we were doing it anyway.

And so we went. It was an adventure dream come true.

Bye bye Tuipang

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