Sumo fares from my recent trips


During the course of the past three weeks I had been to Kolasib, Saiha, Tuipang L, Lawngtlai and Lunglei. The mode of transport had all been Sumo maxi cab except for the motorbike trip to Tuipang L.

I paid 150 for Aizawl to Kolasib on a Guwahati bound Sumo but 180 on return to a regular Kolasib-Aizawl service. The most I’ve paid is 700 for Aizawl-Saiha followed by 330 for Lunglei-Aizawl. Besides these, I spent 200 for Saiha to Lawngtlai and the same amount for Lawngtlai to Lunglei.

A journey of a 1000 miles begins at Kolasib

What are you doing in Kolasib? Ka zin mai mai (Just traveling). Ok. What exactly are you doing in Kolasib? Well I quit my job to travel all over Mizoram and I am starting here. This question and answer combo repeated a handful of times during the trip both with people I met physically and with my friends on Whatsapp.

Yes the good news is I kickstarted my Pan-Mizoram tour earlier this week. I spent two nights at Kolasib, a district capital in Mizoram. As of writing this I am back at home. My next destination is Saiha in South Mizoram.
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