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Unknown house just outside South Vanlaiphai

What not to do at Phawngpui National Park

Let us not burn it down. Phawngpui is under threat from forest fire every year. Here is a photo of Farpak after it caught fire a few years ago.


We may rappel down or jumar up Thlazuang kham but lets not pain our club names all over Farpak. In my honest humble opinion we do no good by having our club names on the trees, on the grass.
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Farpâk, Phawngpui

farpak, phawngpui

The word Phawngpui is derived from the Lai word Phongpi meaning Phulpui in Mizo which means grassland in English. There are a couple of almost level grasslands in Phawngpui area, one of them being Farpâk, a wide open space with an area of 253 sqr. meters. It is pronounced like “far park” without the r in park. Farpâk in Lai langauge means single pine tree. There is a story behind it. My guide Pu Chhanuka told and probably told Roshni too. Thankfully she already has it in English so I am going to shamelessly quote her.
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Theiriat tlang photo gallery

Theiriat tlang is a beautiful hill in Lunglei, Mizoram. You can see the entire town of Lunglei from the top, except the west side. In the cover of trees, you could just sit, relax and lie down for hours doing nothing. It’s that quiet and peaceful. My friends expressed their desire to spend the whole day here.

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Pit stop at Hmuifang


Hmuifang is a hill resort in Mizoram. It shot to fame with the opening of the World Bank road to Lunglei. It is at a height of 1466m above sea level. The road runs along the edge of the Oh my God what a cliff! There’s a beautiful Government run resort. An old windmill, reportedly the only one in Mizoram and more than a hundred years old in Hmuifang is a beautiful landmark giving Hmuifang the old town feel.There’s a hill to climb. At the hill top is a giant cross marking the 100 years of the Gospel in Mizoram. From there it slopes towards the east which looks like a great place for a day hike.

There may not be many things to do at Hmuifang but it could be your basecamp for several destinations nearby. Pu Duhsaka, a high ranking official from Mizoram PWD has an interesting list of trails.

I haven’t spent much time at Hmuifang but stopped twice briefly on our return journey to Aizawl. For now, I have a bunch of pictures for you. Hope you like them.

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Durtlang is a really cool place right now

Our house, Durtlang North (Vengthar), Mizoram

I live in Durtlang North (formerly Vengthar), Mizoram. At a little higher elevation as compared to the capital Aizawl, it is a very very cool place to be right now with temperatures at the lower single digit numbers with abundant amount of wind chill.

I was of the impression our house(above) was the only beautiful house around. But I found there are others too. Look at this.

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