The journey so far

The view from our room at Tourist Lodge, Thenzawl

The view from our room at Tourist Lodge, Thenzawl

Last year I went home in August with a plan to hit the road as soon as possible. Instead I sat at home for more than two months without traveling anywhere. The reasons- family pressure and their concern of the incessant rain. I finally hit the road in late November only.
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A laptop from Bill Gates

Lets take a break from travel today.

It was the year 1999. Bill Gates was the world’s richest man. I was a young man with big ambition. I had just got the hang of computer programming. I really loved it but I had no means to buy a PC. I came up with a great idea.

Write to Bill Gates. Perhaps he will understand my plight, be charitable and send me one. I never got to write to Bill. I had not learned to use the internet and I didn’t know the postal address of Gates. I wrote to NIIT center in Tab Complex, Trichy. They never replied.

I felt really embarrassed when I learned my friend Harris Ahamed told his father of my awesome plan.

I never got to own a PC until I started working. Do you have a similar experience to share?

Erecting the pillars

We are very happy but we still live in a world where the last electric pole is at least 50 meters away from our house. We put up our own pillars through the land of the neighbor to support the long wires to our house. But the man in the neighbor has plans to dig his land for construction. Hence we are erecting new pillars along the wall beside the road to shift the wires.


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Why I am not complaining the cold

Because I sleep in a sleeping bag.

quechua sleeping bag

Thermal properties : Comfort temp 5 ° C, 0 ° C limit

It’s winter in Mizoram, a small state in the North East corner of India. It doesn’t snow though there are always reports of frost in some places but it’s pretty cold with temperatures at the lower single digit numbers. And lots of wind chill.
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