36 hairpin bends. Ooty, Masinagudi

Earlier in the year I walked a distance of 29km with a friend, from Masinagudi to Ooty up the 36 hairpin bends. I posted a few photos from this trek on the road and it became one of the most viewed and searched term hitting this blog. For the hairpin bend lovers, haters, searchers and seekers I am posting more photos of hairpin bends from the walk as my New Year gift to you.

After a 10km walk on the plain, we were at the first hairpin bend.
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Hairpin bend

Hairpin bend, Hairpin turn

Canon 1000D, 1/250s, f/8, 18mm,

This is the first of the 36 hairpin bends on Masinagudi – Ooty ghat road. Along with KD, I walked the 29km distance to Ooty from Masinagudi earlier this year. Why did we it? Because it is there!