Ride to Ooty

The year was 1998. I was a young and ambitious – read Fighter pilot in the Air Force. Inspired by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department brochure I found in my guardian’s house, I told my friends my wish to speed travel through all the hill stations of Tamil Nadu. My friend and classmate Ranjit Ranjith disapprovingly replied with a smile – “For that you will need a Maruti Esteem”.

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Accident on Ooty ghat road

They will thank the barrier forever.

We went passed this scene of accident on our walk to Ooty up the Kalahati Ghat road. We didn’t ask what happened. I guess we felt that was the most sensible thing to do unless we could offer help. There were staff from the check post(brake check) and someone apparently from the car. KD mentioned the other passengers were evacuated by ambulance.
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