Kolar Gold Fields

Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) is an old mining town, 100 km from Bangalore. The history of mining here stretches  from BC’s to British India to 2001. Mining stopped in 2001 due to low production. The British called it Little England for the colder climate. It was one of the earliest electrified towns in India.

Churches, ruins, old mining gears, cottages, barracks, hills formed by excavated earth and open grass fields. Not much for an average tourist. But I am not an average tourist. I am an explorer. If I haven’t been there, I want to be there.


The ruins of Holy Rosary Church

Holy Rosary Church at Shetihalli, near Hassan in Karnataka

This is me trying my hands on a bit post processing – saturation, contract, perspective with a free tool RawTherapee. I will one day come back to see how much I suck.

My friend Poonam has the best set of photos of this submerged church I can find online. Yea she is creative and has a wide/ultra wide angle lens too 🙂

The church is submerged in monsoon due to the rising level of backwater created by the dam. Here are other drowned churches from around the world.