Dirt road, Serkawr and Kawlchaw

After a night halt at Tuipang Lalveng the plan was to ride back to Vaiveng, explore and head back to Saiha. However, there was another way. A 20 km dirt road to Kawlchaw via Serkawr. It sounded really cool. A dirt road ride and another way home. I’ve always dreamed of riding a motorbike through muddy road. We asked the condition of the road and all advised against it. It’s funny we asked because in my head I knew we were doing it anyway.

And so we went. It was an adventure dream come true.

Bye bye Tuipang

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One Saturday morning at Tuipang L


I spent a night at Tuipang L(Lalveng) in Mizoram South, a 3 hours drive from Saiha. A bit about Tuipang. There two parts. Tuipang L with about a hundred houses is the lesser inhabited and the original settlement. But today Tuipang Vaiveng where NH 54 terminates is the bigger and more developed part of Tuipang. A dirt road detour at the outskirt of Vaiveng leads to Tuipang L.

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Sumo fares from my recent trips


During the course of the past three weeks I had been to Kolasib, Saiha, Tuipang L, Lawngtlai and Lunglei. The mode of transport had all been Sumo maxi cab except for the motorbike trip to Tuipang L.

I paid 150 for Aizawl to Kolasib on a Guwahati bound Sumo but 180 on return to a regular Kolasib-Aizawl service. The most I’ve paid is 700 for Aizawl-Saiha followed by 330 for Lunglei-Aizawl. Besides these, I spent 200 for Saiha to Lawngtlai and the same amount for Lawngtlai to Lunglei.

Tuipang L, a cozy village in South #Mizoram

I  think our host is killing us a chicken tomorrow morning 🙂  They are catching it right now. Today we missed the turn to Tuipang L but Google maps and Airtel signal led us through a dirt road to our destination. We might return via Serkawr instead of the route we took today. Here’s a glimpse of the village


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